February 26, 2020

That iconic moment is finally here. The rite of passage that so many have experienced before you: Senior Photos.  

And now it’s your turn!

It’s one of those moments when you realize that adulting is just around the corner, and that your life is about to change!  A new feeling of independence is coming your way, so start your last year of high school right by rocking your formal senior portraits.  

If tradition dictates that you put on a velvet drape or a black tuxedo, you might as well look your absolute best! You could be showing these photos to your children one day, so take note of these great tips on how to do it right.


  1. Keep a Positive Mindset: Not everyone enjoys having their photo taken, it’s normal! However, your senior session can be really fun! Think of it this way: You are doing something nice for the people who have always supported you. So, come in with a great attitude and a big smile! Don’t worry, we will give you several options so you can choose a serious pose for the yearbook if you like. Just don’t forget to smile for your mom. Parents love to remember you at your happiest.  
  2. Take Care of That Hair:  Plan to have a trim or new haircut one to two weeks before the session. This will give your hair a chance to grow out just enough to look perfect. A haircut or color the day of the session might be too big of a surprise or a change. If you aren’t sure how to style your hair, make sure to ask for help from a stylist, a friend or your mom.  Don’t forget to check your eyebrows and give them a quick shape up too! 
  3. Mind your Sun Exposure:  The week before your session, plan for limited sun exposure. If you have to be outside for an extended period, wear a hat and sunscreen. You don’t want to come to your senior photos sunburned, peeling, or uncomfortable
  4. Take Good Care of Yourself: Remember that sleeping, hydration, exercise and regular face washing are great for your skin. Do what you can to take great care of yourself. When you feel good, you look good. In the unlucky case you happen to have a break out on the day of the session, have no fear. We do touch up the images you purchase as well as the image that goes into the year book. We’ve got your back!
  5. Avoid Glare from your Glasses: During your photo session, you might be asked to slip off your glasses for a few images to avoid glass glare. If you truly prefer wearing your glasses for the whole session, try bringing a similar pair of glasses with the lenses popped out. You might try asking your eye doctor for a similar loaner pair without lenses.
  6. Hold up Your Hands: Your hands will show in many of the sessions, so prepare by cleaning and filing your nails, and taking off hair ties and bracelets you don’t want in your senior photos. If you’d like to wear something on your wrists, consider a favorite bracelet or watch. This is a good time to bring out heirloom jewelry like your grandfather’s watch or grandma’s ring or bracelet.  

     7.We provide the Tux and Drape: Don’t worry, Monarch Photography provides the tuxedo and the black velvet drape. If you plan to wear the     tux, it’s a great idea to wear a white T-shirt for layering. For the drape, considering wearing a black tank or tube top to go underneath.

  1. Show Off Your Personality: If you are planning on a Senior Style or Road Trip session, make sure to bring personal items like your musical instrument, letterman’s jacket, sports equipment, and an outfit to show off your personal style. If you’d like to showcase a few different looks, you can bring two outfits for the Road Trip Session!  Start thinking now about how you want to showcase your personality.  



  • Fake lashes are gorgeous but try a test run. If the lashes are too heavy, they might cause your eye lids to droop.
  • Don’t forget to bring your bling. Earrings and a simple or statement necklace are nice touches with the black drape. 


  • Consider rescheduling your appointment if you have to come straight from practice. Freshly showered with clean hair is always a great idea. 
  • Make sure to come clean shaven or with carefully groomed facial hair. Don’t forget your eyebrows. 

To schedule your senior photos, please call Monarch Photography at (805) 843-4111




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